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Not to mention, concrete details as to what the new cinematic universe could consist of side-stories, prequels, and one off stories.

Should Zak Penn land this gig, this would mark the second franchise writer's room that he'd be a part of, the first being the trilogy we know and love.

With a young Morpheus rumored to be the focus of this new film, it's not hard to imagine Jordan following in the footsteps of Lawrence Fishburne, particularly after watching him succeed Carl Weathers in the , and that if he wanted to recast Keanu Reeves, he'd still go with the original lead.

More information is unavailable at this time, as Penn is currently only in talks to write the film.

Welcome to our reviews of the Dating Matrix Explained (also known as Jewish News Sites).However, it's not unusual for a major studio to want to cash in on a nostalgic property with a younger age bracket.It wouldn't be surprising if the studio decided they wanted to cast a wider net and aim for the blockbuster friendly rating to win over a whole new audience.Apparently, the film is not a reboot or a remake of the original has been an R-rated franchise.With all of the action violence, swearing, and inventive usage of bondage gear and tight leather as costumes, a PG-13 rating had never been in the cards for Neo, Morpheus, and Trinity.

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