White big and beautiful dating sites

Now, it’s all in the eye of the beholder, and more power to them.is a popular dating site for big and beautiful women and men and those who admire them.During all of these steps, you’re not required to give any credit card information, so if you decide BBWCupid isn’t for you, you can just delete your account and move on.If you’ve ever been on sister sites like Black Cupid, Christian Cupid, or Military Cupid, then you know what BBWCupid looks like — as they all have pretty much the same setup.According to Similar Web, BBWCupid sees about 650,000 visitors a month, but remember that not all of those are members.We’d say the actual user base is probably around 600,000.

Melise wrote on Free Dating Helper.com: “Most of the profiles are fake.

We’ll take you through every aspect of the site, and we’ve also provided a list of alternative BB sites that could be up your alley.

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I was contacted by five fake profiles within days of joining. Please be careful [and] join a more trusted dating site.” On the flip side, there are some positive reviews of BBW out there.

Clifford and Alexis shared their story with the site: “Alexis and I crossed paths on this site just as she was giving up.

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