Who has willa ford dating

It was strictly rumored and never fully confirmed by either person, but something seemed to be there, at least in the eyes of certain tabloids.Beyond that, Rickards is believed to have been single since June 2017.

Here's a look at If any reader follows Stephen Amell on any social media outlets, you're well aware of his current wife Cassandra Jean.

Prior to Walton, it's believed Holland was involved with English actor Toby Hemingway, with the pair being together for approximately a year back in 2009.

Holland will certainly be missed by David Ramsey's Diggle is the perfect representation of the wise, stable supporting character.

To be specific, there have been two heavily-rumored relationships that Rickards has been connected to.

She was rumored to have been involved with co-star Colton Haynes (Roy from ) back in 2013, whom she apparently dated for over a year.

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