Who is 50 cent dating right now dating lemars iowa

“He has always been really good at profiting off whatever his situation is. ” Being shot didn’t turn 50 into an anti-gun advocate.

He appeared on the cover of his 2002 mixtape “Guess Who’s Back? The image fed into the public perception of him as a take-no-prisoners badass.

A spat with Ja Rule led to 50 being stabbed in March 2000 by Ja’s label mate Black Child.

But it’s his feud with rapper Rick Ross that’s about to do damage to 50’s bank account.

The two have traded jabs for years, with 50 singing, “I’m a f–k your life up for fun,” and Ross rapping that 50 is cheap: “Curtis Jackson baby-mama ain’t asking for a cent.” Now Ross’s baby-mama has taken 50 to court — and won.

Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson didn’t actually feel the first round of bullets hit his legs.

He was too consumed with dealing with the shock of it all.

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