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Cannon was all smiles when asked about Chilli in an exclusive interview with E!

News' Carissa Culiner at the premiere of the documentary in Los Angeles Thursday."She's amazing," Cannon said about the singer.

He added the super-hot pepper is not meant to be consumed raw and that it should be cooked and used in small amounts due to its extreme heat.

Additionally, Genovese speculated that the man in the aforementioned reports might have consumed a dozen Carolina reapers, as is often the case in chili eating contests that require competitors to consume as many super-hot peppers as possible within a given period of time.

However, it might not maintain its status as the world’s hottest pepper for much longer, as Currie has reportedly come up with an even hotter pepper, called Pepper X, which averaged between 2.5 million and 3.189 million SHUs in various tests, and has already been submitted to Guinness for review.

host, who is in the midst of divorce proceedings with Mariah Carey, and Chilli, whose real name is Rozonda Thomas, were spotted kissing at WDKX's Summerfest Concert in Rochester, New York over the weekend. News the two started "hanging out romantically" earlier this summer.

The sizzling couple dated for two years in the early 2000s before the “No Limit” singer’s alleged infidelity tore them apart.

Chilli had also dated producer Dallas Austin for eight years beginning in 1990, with whom she welcomed son Tron Austin in 1997.

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Separately, wrote that the unidentified male patient also complained of dry heaving and “intense” neck and head pain after consuming the pepper.And despite being pictured getting flirty with the TLC member outside a nightclub, he added, “I’ve known her for so, so many years …we’ve been friends.” And who could forget the singer’s relationship with R&B heartthrob Usher?One-third of the iconic girl group TLC told Essence that she isn’t just honing in on dating Black men.“I want for women — especially for women of color — to not be so closed minded when it comes to love,” the self-identified mixed performer said.

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