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As we all know, there are like a thousand members within the Wayans family (LOL, well, maybe not a thousand, but a whole LOT of ’em), but both Rev.

Run and Damon Wayans were too excited as hell about Ava’s birth because she was officially the very first grandchild for both of the legends.

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Apparently, the couple has discussed jumpin’ the broom, but it has not happened yet.During the interview, Vanessa also discussed how she is love with her niece and nephew.Her sister Angela Simmons has a 1 year-old son Sutton, and her niece, Mia, who is the daughter of her younger brother, Jo Jo.Fast forward today and it’s a whole ‘notha story, now the legends share the same adorable grandbaby.Back in 2014, Mike Wayans, son of comedian Damon Wayans, Sr. Run (whose legal name is Joseph Simmons), celebrated the arrival of their daughter, Ava Marie Jean Wayans.

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