Who is dean sheremet dating now

Funny how it worked out....it's all about who is relevant right now and (sadly) that is Brandi. She has ended up with the celebrity Eddie never had and some of the celebrity Leann lost over time. I would be totally Team Leann if she released a statement now that Dean re-opened the door and stated "My marriage to Dean didn't work out because he is gay, gay, GAY ! He took culinary classes and met a nice girl and now he’s happily remarried. He has a new interview with Access Hollywood – it’s actually a longer interview where he discusses his new life, meeting his new wife and how he learned of Le Ann’s infidelity.He seems to have built a wonderful new life for himself and I like that he’s not giving weekly interviews about how damaged he is from the divorce. Dean Sheremet learned that his wife Le Ann Rimes was cheating on him when she told him in a phone call. “It unfolded from there.” Sheremet never imagined his wife would cheat on him.This is yet another example of Le Ann’s cluelessness when it comes someone other than herself, and it doesn’t exactly endear her to the plebeians, does it? And seriously, exercise selfies are so passe – they’re overdone and cliched, and someone so supposedly in touch with popular culture should know that.

Le Ann Rimes was the first to record the song (and had the biggest chart success). Touchstone Pictures initially planned for Rimes' version to be featured in their movie Con Air (1997), but later found out that it was too pop sounding and it was believed that she was too young. Her and Cibrian are now engaged and will be getting married sometime in 2011.

Dean Sheremet, the first (and only, for now) ex-husband of Le Ann Rimes, doesn’t speak publicly all that much.

After Le Ann and Dean divorced in the wake of her affair with Eddie Cibrian, Dean quietly took his divorce settlement and moved to NYC.

Cupid’s Advice: Dean Sheremet and Le Ann Rimes were married for seven years before calling it quits. Cupid has some tell-tale signs that it’s time to move on: 1. You’ve established independence: When you get out of a long relationship, it’s important to come into yourself again and regain all of the things that make you, you.

You’re smiling: Perhaps you don’t have a smile on your face the time, but it’s important that you’ve recovered from your past relationship enough that you’re able to let loose and have a good time. Once you’ve done that, it’s much more likely you’re ready for a new and healthy relationship. You’ve tied up loose ends: “She has a lot of baggage” is not something you want to hear about yourself.

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