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Carlisle originally planned for Rosalie to be Edward's mate, but their relationship was never anything more than brother and sister.

She would later find her true mate in Emmett, whom she rescued after he was mauled by a bear.(played by Kellan Lutz in the movies)Emmett Dale Mc Carty was born in 1915 and was 20 and living in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, when he was mauled by a bear.

Just because it's been two years since the final Twilight Saga film premiered in 2012, doesn't mean we should forget about the great romance Stephanie Meyer's franchise brought us.

And the semi-great romance she brought to K-Stew and R-Patz.

Upon becoming a vampire, Bella develops the ability to produce a shield to protect those she loves..

Her name is a mix of the name Renee (Bella's mother), and Esme (Edward's adoptive mother).

Because we loved them, even when their love got a little creepy at times (what with Edward watching Bella sleep and whatnot).

Carlisle turned Emmett, who fell in love with Rosalie.The Cullen crest seen in the movies consists of a hand (signifying a pledge of faith) over a lion (courage) set above a chevron (another word for banner, it signifies protection) with three shamrocks (perpetuity).(played by Peter Facinelli in the movies)Carlisle was born in the 1640s to a father who was a religous zealot charged with hunting down evil creatures like werewolves and vampires who usually turned out to be humans.Upon taking up his father's cause, Carlisle was attacked by a vampire and left to die.He has the ability to influence the emotions of the people around him.saga and took the name Cullen when she married Edward Cullen.

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