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The athlete, who was nicknamed “Money” in college, his wealth from the salary he has earned all through his career in the NFL, as well as, from endorsement deals and his Beast Mode brand which includes a clothing line and a retail store.Marshawn Lynch’s girlfriend history isn’t as impressive as you might imagine it could be. For me, all this "community work" he's doing has no value if you choose to dismiss your own people because they share the same features as you. What it all boils down to, is that his so called GF has the completcion for the protection. He posed in a picture with her standing behind her with his arm around her neck and her looking all superior into the camera. I find it very difficult, that he watched his own Mother struggle, but have the nerve to to give preferential treatment to someone who doesn't resemble her. Even though I don't consider myself Blackistan, I have a very difficult time understanding how a man who claims to be for his people, can rescue a YT Latina and her child, when there are single Black Mother's who could benefit from being in that position.Netta released her first album, Electrik Rebel Sounds- The EP in 2009; the following year OMW 980 was released, followed by Love, Pain & Music Mixtape, 580 in 2015 and finally 880 in 2016.Although she is an Oakland gal, she doesn’t have any photos that suggest she is a Raiders fan, however, she sure likes the Golden State Warriors.

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Charmaine even commented about his personality and how he doesn’t like to answer a lot of questions about himself. Netta is the lady that Marshawn most likely still dates.In 2014 a woman accused him of assault and personal property damage. A few months after the woman made the accusation, the cops charged her with making false accusations.Apparently she hooked up with some guy she , she said she is not the mother of his child and they are not together. No one really cares who ML is dating, its entertainment at this point..like the rest of the celebs out here. He was very nice to my family and I when we met him this year. He then proceeds to continue filming/narrating the party on LIVE. 👌 & I can't help liking him no matter what he does. Now, I have noticed some people comment from an emotional standpoint which is weird because I don’t see how some of you all have gotten your feeling wrapped up in ML..crazy and borderline psycho. I started to come on here and tell ya’ll to watch it when it was up because you know it disappears in 24 hours. If you are the leading lady in his life I would think at least your chain would be a little different, ijs. He then took the phone and put it up to his ear, without saying anything, hands her the phone back and says “Oh”. ML like to eat the ass tho so he want a skinny for that.

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