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Constantine’s bisexuality was first alluded to in John Smith’s 1992 issue and the short-lived NBC television series by the same name (starring Ryan)—either erased or ignored the character’s sexual history.Fans who were frustrated by this consistent “straight-washing” may have felt some relief when the And indeed it doesn’t.As the author Maria San Filippo writes in , “At any given moment a bisexual person or film character might appear heterosexual or homosexual depending on his or her present object choice.”By showing Constantine as shifting between men and women, actively pushes against the inclination to read him as either straight or gay.This strategy, which leaves his ambiguity intact, is reinforced by the classic trope of the “bisexual love triangle” that Constantine forms with Sara Lance and Leo Snart.entered new territory with the episode “Daddy Darhkest.” The hour revolved around the guest appearance of John Constantine (played by Matt Ryan), a mystically empowered, chain-smoking, trench coat–wearing warlock—who is also bisexual.

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(Lists of queer superheroes indicate that women in comics are represented as bisexual more frequently.) This is likely due in part to the fraught idea that women are naturally less sexually binary than men, and the fact that comics still cater largely to the interests of straight men, who might find sexually fluid women appealing but fluid men threatening.

“Daddy Darhkest” notably portrays bisexuality as an expansive form of desire, rather than as a rigidly defined identity—and it’s a notion that runs counter to the mythology of authentic selfhood that has long dominated superhero stories. But this trope of heroic self-revelation is alluring because it romanticizes the idea of an authentic, clearly defined, hidden self.

Read enough superhero comics or watch enough Marvel and DC movies, and you’ll notice that bold proclamations of identity are everywhere.“My name is Wally West. It is, in a way, a coming-out metaphor—one that suggests a hero’s ultimate goal should be to uncover and better understand who he or she really is.

He is the nephew of John Loughery who was also the head quarterback coach at Boston College. The least compatible signs with Taurus are generally considered to be Leo and Aquarius. Like many celebrities and famous people, Matt keeps his personal and love life private.

The most compatible signs with Taurus are generally considered to be Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn, and Pisces.

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