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An outside audit flagged 1,348 in inappropriate travel expenses claimed by Wallin, and a Senate committee later determined she owed another ,621, bringing her total tab to 8,969.Wallin repaid those expenses, but denied any wrongdoing and called the audit process “fundamentally flawed and unfair.” Patrick Brazeau The RCMP is investigating Brazeau for alleged breach of trust over living expenses he has been claiming since 2011.Harb resigned from the upper chamber in August and repaid about 0,000 in ineligible expenses he claimed over an eight-year period.Pamela Wallin is a former Canadian journalist, who started her professional career with CBC Radio's news division in the year 1974.The RCMP is still reviewing their expense claims, as well as those of former senator Mac Harb, who resigned earlier this year.The investigations may or may not result in criminal charges.None of the allegations reported in court documents have been proven in a court of law.

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They also requested Brazeau’s cellphone and corporate credit card records dating back to March 2011.

According to court documents filed by the Mounties over the summer, investigators say Brazeau “does not live” in Maniwaki, Que.

and “inappropriately” claimed his father’s home there as his primary residence in order to obtain the Senate’s annual ,000 housing allowance. with his wife and three children from the time he was appointed to the Senate in December 2008 until the couple broke up after Christmas 2010.

In court documents filed in July, the Mounties alleged that Duffy broke the law by accepting “an advantage or benefit of money (, 124.27) from Nigel Wright.” The criminal code states that government officials and employees are prohibited from accepting money from anybody who has “dealings with the Government of Canada,” without the written approval from the head of the branch of government that employs them.

Duffy is also being investigated on two counts of alleged breach of trust related to his housing and per diem claims, according to the court documents.

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