Who is rob kardashian dating dollicia bryan Sex bazil chaten

When these rumors came out, sources were saying that it angered Kim and a small feud was happening for a minute.The rumors were out of control and Dollicia went on to speak up about the whole situation and didn’t mind expressing her true feelings.You can possibly imagine the outrage everyone had when they heard about the squeaky clean Kardashian getting down and dirty with this adult actress. According to the adult film star herself, Rob had hit on her while he was at the gym which was around the time his sister, Khloe Kardashian, was getting ready to marry now estranged husband, Lamar Odom.TMZ got to talk to Ann where she gave the deets on their steamy fling.If the 28-year-old is not dating a high profile singer or actress, he’s dating someone we eventually find out through social media or just reports.Rob has been really abnormal with everything in his life, including his love life.“I took a few pregnancy tests and they came out positive.

“I’m a mother, so I can never be famous for leaking a sex tape. I’ll stay the Queen of talent and acting, but as far as being the Queen of who I’m dating and being in the media all the time; she can stay the Queen of that.” Whoa, things were just not okay between the two.Good thing that it was just a rumor and regardless if true or not, Rob is no longer acquainted with Bryan. Run’s daughter on their reality TV show, Run’s House.Angela Simmons is an actress, performer, and TV host.Nothing ever happened between them after those rumors.Yes, this is probably the biggest shocker on this list but again, it only lasted as a rumor.

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