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By contrast, consider any scene between Zach and fellow amputee veteran, Jim (Vincent Andriano). Lasance and Andriano inhabit their roles quite remarkably, providing real energy and chemistry whenever they share the screen.One scene involves the pair attending a local protest against sending more troops to Iran, facing off against a furious townie who still believes that patriotism ought be equated with killing foreigners.The strongest elements of Terminus lie both in character interaction, and the underlying sense of hopelessness which permeates basically every scene.As David and Zach hold a muted conversation in a bar, the television news paints a picture of a world heading straight down the toilet.8/13/2015 by Rebecca Ford Marc Furmie's film stars Jai Koutre, Kendra Appleton, Bren Foster and Todd Lasance.Vertical Entertainment has secured worldwide rights to Marc Furmie’s sci-fi film Terminus, starring Jai Koutre, Kendra Appleton, Bren Foster and Todd Lasance.He drinks in a dive bar where he meets a veteran of the war in Iran, an amputee named Zach (Todd Lasance).

Marc Furmie’s feature film debut follows widowed dependable David Chamberlain (Jai Koutrae), a small-town mechanic with a drinking problem and a feisty young daughter (Kendra Appleton).

Just seeing the mixture of emotions, the sense of fear, hurt and anger on display, it reminds us how effective it can be when we chance upon a genuinely excellent performance in a film.

There are no actively 'bad' scenes or performances, but the really good parts often serve to highlight the more mediocre.

Driving home, David watches as a meteorite suddenly falls from the sky, causing him to lose control of his truck and roll into a ditch.

David approaches the crash site and investigates the object, an organic looking pod which glows blue and appears to contain tentacle-like protrusions which slither around the ground.

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