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Thank you, they gave me awareness and abilities to do certain things. When things that you saw were controversial, it was me probably acting out of emotion. I’m just trying to control my emotions at this point. I got an instagram, my reality television show doesn’t stop. At the end of the day, if God got me, then that’s what I’m doing.They never put me in the position where I felt I was being taken advantage of. Any difference between the Yung Berg of yesterday and the Yung Berg of today? It works phenomenal in the studio, when I’m by myself with a beat and what another person making a song. I didn’t know in 2008 while I had a bunch of hit records that I was going to be on Love & Hip Hop in 2014. Nobody ever thought that I would be working with Nicki Minaj, Meek Mill, or Trey Songz.DX: You know, it’s more so that I have something to say. I look forward to women being compelled by it all across the globe. Yung Berg: No, I haven’t really spoken with Masika in months.I didn’t really want to do any records where I talk about having 100 bitches or 100 bottles in the club because I feel the people have heard it from me before. I went through a lot of different things and told myself I’m not really going to rap because I work with a lot of rappers. It has a lot of soul in it, a lot of pain and passion in this record. That’s just how things go but I can’t wait for her to hear it. At the end of the day, my whole goal was to get on the show and do something different. None of the artists on Love and Hip Hop with the exception of the ones who really took it to another level, never really put out good music.Going the reality television route, Berg would find new fans due to his short stint on VH1’s Love & Hip Hop Hollywood.Audiences watched his ridiculous three way triangle between himself, Masika and Hazel E. I literally relish in the fact that people may have an opinion or stigma about me but I’m able to walk in the studio and change your whole thought and concept of who Yung Berg is. You could have dissed me two years ago; you want a record and got that check, I’m pulling up to you. I don’t hold no grudges against the music business because I’m a businessman.By: Amanda Anderson-Niles Yung Berg and Teairra Mari dating?“Love and Hip Hop Hollywood” stars Yung Berg and Teairra Mari were booked for Mona’s new reality show because of their very messy love lives, but now both are taking the drama up a notch and possibly finding “comfort” in each other.

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I had 200,000 followers on social media and over 400,000 today.Regardless of whatever trivial shit happened, it’s Love and Hip Hop so it’s going to be something. If you go tell people a lie that’s running the show and lying about your life, it’s probably going to be a lie.If you keep it 100, they’re going to give you what the 100 value is.Major wins and loses is an everyday thing when it comes to Hitmaka.Spending years out of the limelight for time in the background, Berg managed to survive through songwriting and producing.

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