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Dating is just overrated and basically a practice of divorce. Parents need to learn to let go, and if anything, they should be preparing their children so they can be let go.Courtship relieves parents from spending quality time, energy, and attention with their children in teaching them about human nature. But I'd have to say parents know things better than children do. And I think parents would know what's best for their children.Of course you may have friends, but they cannot know you for how your parents know you because your parents bore you not your friends.. Emotions should come with marriage, not before marriage.And so what your telling me is if you have children you'd want them to be hurt from the "dating" relationship just so they can get experience? The main goal of courtship is to study the other person ... But a person should be sure that they are courting to marriage otherwise there's really no point in courting at all cause then I'd be just like dating..It's possible for better forms of chemistry to exist aside from what parents anticipate.Furthermore, grandchildren deserve the best possible scenario in their own household as well.I'm not saying that if the parents found someone that the child wouldn't have a choice to decide to marry the one they chose for him/her..It's like this who better than your parents knows you best?

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Regarding intimacy, I'm not disagreeing with you there over libertine hedonism, but that doesn't mean society should dismiss intimacy in general.

And also, fornication should be a definite no no for anyone who's in a relationship..

Anything relating to physical contact or sex was meant for marriage, but in today's society has abused sex and the other physical contact... And look what it's doing to all those people who thought they were in "love"..

Yes, parents have to let go when they finally get married and leave, but while they're still living at home it only makes it right for the parents to be involved with them regardless of how old you are..

Example, I'm 20 and still live at home with my family and am waiting to be married.. If I don't marry then I stu and help my parents make a living.. And I wanna live exactly how the Bible shows the way to live.. To be clear, I understand and sympathize with what you're saying (and you can see on my profile that I'm conservative).

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