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SEE: IT leader's guide to edge computing (Tech Pro Research) With the minimum requirements out of the way, let's look at how to run WSUS Offline Update to create our update repository.1.Launch the Update extracted from the WSUS Offline Update ZIP file (Figure A).3.These ISO files will be written to the ISO folder located at the root of the extracted WSUSOffline directory.

When you're ready to deploy the updates to a device - either online or offline - simply connect to the server share or external media that stores the repository created in steps 4-5.

In this instance the WSUS service is reporting as running.

If it’s not you can run the ‘Restart-Service -name Wsus Service’ to attempt to restart it.

If it's the first time running WSUS Offline Update then the repo will be empty and all missing updates will be downloaded (Figure C).5.

The process will download all the Microsoft updates for the selected versions of Windows client and server OSes.

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