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Luckily Brainiac Dating was chosen as a finalist for the best niche dating site of 2011There was 65 sites nominated, so I am very honored that Brainiac Dating made the final cut!The initial votes are counted and Brainiac Dating is winning! I just wish that when I was doing online dating, I would have had the opportunity to meet more men like the ones on this site!

Otherwise counting inactive profiles would be useless.

curious because as a woman I don't see obvious fake profiles or instagram "stars" but men comment on here about these things Interesting point. I think that they try hard to weed that out to keep for a good user experience.

But I have seen discussion that on Tinder especially some women like to collect right swipes, but not that serious about actual dates.

Looks like some kind of key in the bottom right....

Yellow to orange, yellow end says 1.00 and other end says 2.800.... 2.8000 The yellow/orange bar is rather obviously gender ratios (it's labelled) and this kind of thing is often used in national temperature maps.

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