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I’ve learned my empty nest lesson: do not go to popular American restaurants on Friday night before 9 pm. Saturday we met up with our daughter and her college roommate at Dante in the West Village.I love kids, but not when I’m out for dinner on a weekend. A NYC landmark since 1915, when it was a meeting house for Italian immigrants.While the food was totally decent – fresh oysters and excellent burgers, it was filled with loud, jumping toddlers.This happened to us on another Friday evening when we went to Hillstone.It has been newly re-opened by an Australian family who has tried very hard to stick to the roots, while also adding a very Aussie spin.We enjoyed our meal – if you go, you must order the almond milk pancakes.Most of my friends either became empty nesters this past year or will become one in the next year or two, which means CHANGE and in some cases, significant change.Some couples choose to downsize to smaller homes in less expensive towns, some move into the city, some get divorced, and others spend a lot of time talking about all of the above.

We were happy to welcome friends from Rye Saturday night for cocktails in our apartment, and then we all walked over to Boqueria.

But after 50, it’s important to show your true self as you have little time to waste being someone you’re not.

Since I moved, I’ve said yes to anyone who offered to “fix me up” with a new friend they thought I’d really hit it off with, and for the most part, these setups have gone well.

I will think about that dish again and again until I return! We still can’t believe that you can pay .95 per month and you get to go to one movie of your choice every day.

This weekend we squeezed in Phantom Thread and to Paris (great story, terrible movie).

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