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I decided to take a big chance and walked right up to the fence.

"I saw what you did and I heard what you were going to do to Lisa", I announced. The dark haired kid tried to run, but you just can't move to fast with your pants around your knees.

The huge drops of cum made a plopping sound as they hit the ground directly between the two boys. "You can watch videos, look at pictures, or even run around naked if you want", I said, trying to plant an idea.The boys seemed to be hypnotized by my steady stroking of my cock and my balls swinging forward and backward, slapping against my legs. I opened the front door and greeting them and asked if they would like to come inside.After masturbating in front of the youngsters for a few minutes, I felt myself begin to cum. My television and VCR were setup in the back bedroom along with a large box filled with hard-core sex magazines.This area was full of big fir trees and lots of heavy underbrush.I enjoyed exploring this area, following the many meandering paths that weaved through the brush.

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